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Tourism and heritage

A like Abbey

The abbey of Tuffé is still alive. In the heart of the city, sightsee and discover the history and its art expositions.

website :  Link

B like Biennale

Every 2 years (2010 and beyond) you must go to Prévelles for a big pottery meeting with each time a foreign country host.

C Like Club Equestre

website : Link

From 5 minutes walking , horses and poneys welcome you for a tour around the lake and many others activities.

C like Comice Agricole

The 3rd Sunday of August, this is the biggest county Agricultural and rural meeting.

P like Fishing....

website : Link

You like fishing ? You are lucky because in our lake the fishes like to be fished.

L like Lake

If you do not want to fish, you can sail on the lake, you can swim, you walk or run around (2.5 km).

P like Poterie ...

T like TRANSVAP.....

Tout sur la Transvap, les dates, les Horaires...

Transvap website link.

All about our famous touristical train. Sightsee the old station full of histories and tales.

T like TUFFE...

Tout sur tout dans ce site, et bien plus encore...

SiteThe city official website.


The TUFFERRIES can not be translated.

the 3rd week-end of August it is a big concert band with an old fashion french or international star. (2006 was Boney M...).